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  About me

  About me

I’ve like painting since I was very little. Painting seems to be enjoyable rather than stressful for me. After I graduated from university, I became a graphic designer and worked with computers for more than 10 years. I felt exhausted working around the clock to the deadlines, and facing screens all the time. So I quit and picked up my brushes again.

With little money, and limited space, I was looking for something small. One day I was sitting under a tree on the campus of USC, waiting for my wife, Maggie. There were no apples falling but a rock lying under the tree drew my attention. It was a little grey and normal rock, which no one would otherwise notice but an owl appeared in my mind. So I brought it home and began to draw the little creature. When I finished it, I gave it to my wife as a gift for her birthday. She loved it so much! From then on, I built up my confidence to paint more, and haven’t stopped. Newton discovered the Law of Gravitation under a tree, and I found my pet rocks.

Since then, I’ve painted lots of different animals on rocks. These little stones come in all shapes, regular or irregular, and all are naturally formed. They inspire me, and I paint them from my imagination. I bring them to life, from cats, dogs, koalas, penguins, pandas, guinea pigs, owls, kookaburras, and cows to lions, tigers, and dragons. You name it and I paint it, even Obama’s face. You may buy them as a present for your friends for any occasion, or put onto your desk simply to stop your paper or notes away from blowing away.



  Why do I paint stones?

I've been painting stones for five years. I look back and ask myself what attracts me to keep painting on stones. What is the beauty that makes it different from other media? I think there are three attributes to painted stones as I list below.

Interesting material
Compared with other media like paper or canvas, stones are totally formed by natural processes through thousands of millions of years. Thereby their shapes, shades, and texture differ from one another. They have other different traits too. Some of them are soft, light weight, velvet and opaque in nature, while others are hard, heavy, smooth and shining like gems. They always bring me into a wonderland. I believe every piece of stone should be respected.

I don’t paint straight away on rocks as I do on paper or canvas, as that will be no different from painting on normal materials.

I use my imagination to paint according to their original shapes and texture, and bring them to life. For example, a grey paving stone is suitable to paint koalas or elephants, whereas snow coloured stones are good to paint giant pandas or penguins, as they have similar colour and texture. Furthermore, an irregular shape is more challenging than a regular one, but more fascinating if you put the right image on it.

Sentimental Values
Some of the rocks may not seem important and very tiny in adults’ eyes but a treasure in a child’s tiny hands. One of my customers told me his grandson put my stone guinea pigs beside his bed every night.

People also appreciate the idea of painting their loved ones on a rock that they can hold forever. My first customised pet rock was for my friend’s departed dog. When he received it and held it in his hands, he cried like a child. Since then, I’ve received more and more requests for custom painted stones. Not always for memories of the past, but also for celebrations of new life. One was from a couple wanting their cats combined on one rock to mark their engagement; another for the joy of a new born baby.

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