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  Online market

All the stones on this page are available except ones marked as ‘sold’. If you do want any that has been sold, I can reproduce it for you, but it won’t be exactly the same due to the nature of the rock.

All online purchases or orders are done by email because the shopping cart system is not ready yet. Please email me the item numbers. I will provide you the bank details for EFT. Once the funds are received, I will wrap the item securely and post it asap. The postage would be $3 for an envelope and $10 for a parcel within Australia. Overseas shipment is available. All postage are subject to Australia Post rates at the time. 

Please enjoy my online market.

NE01, Snowy owl ($25)   NE02, Baby owl ($25)   NE03, Barn owl ($35)
NE04, saw-whet owl ($25)   NE05, Baby penguin ($25)   NE06, Puppy ($25)
NE07, Cat head ($29)   NE08, Cat ($29)   NE09, Koala ($25)
NE10, Duck ($29)   NE11, Rabbit ($25)   NE12, Bunny ($19)
NE13, Blue bird ($29)   NE14, Fox ($29)   NE15, Guinea pig ($29)
NE16 Duckling($25)   NE17, Yinyang fish($25)   NE18, No face($19)
NE19 Panda($25)   NE20, Butterfly($29)   NE21, Hedgehog($29)
  Mini creatures in nest
NT01, Snowy owl ($35)   NT02, Saw-whet owl ($35)   NT03, Barn owl ($29)
NT04, Guinea pig ($29)   NT05, Rabbit ($25)   NT06, Fox ($35)
  Mini Easels
EA01, Penguin babies ($39)   EA02, Snowy owls ($45)   EA03, Saw-whet owls ($45)
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