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Have you ever thought to have a painting on a piece of stone for your lovely pets? No matter they are puppy, cat, Rabbit, fish, bird, guinea pig or turtles, lizard,snake,frog,I can make your wish comes ture. It is a fresh piece of memory or a special personal belongings. You may just simplely put them on your desk, sitting at the foot of your lamp or on the fridge as a magnet. They will company you forever.

  Sample 23

Dog: Rusty
Date: 09/Nov/2014
Owner: Lisa
Feedback: Oh Hans, it is beautiful. After one hell of a crap week you put a huge smile giggle. It's perfect. Thank you ever so much.

  Sample 24

DOg: Dusty
Date: 19/Nov/2014
Owner: Tanyar

  Sample 25

Hamster: Boo-chan
Date: 20/Nov/2014
Owner: Michiko
Feedback: Awww. so cute and love it. Thank you very much!

  Sample 26  

Dog: Humphrey
Date: 04/Dec/2014
Owner: Angela
Feedback: Looks great love it. THANKYOU you have a great job

  Sample 27  

Date: 08/Dec/2014
Owner: Karen
Feedback: The frames and images are wonderful, Thankyou Thankyou...... I have others I would like to get done but in the new year such wonderful gifts.

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How to order?
1. Email me a couple of sharp photos of the pets you want. Email: handpaintedstone@gmail.com

2. Give me one week to finish.

3. I will send you some photos for your approval via email.

4. Once confirmed and paid, I will pack the stone safely and post to you.

1. Portrait: (one head only, about 1.5 inch, Necklace or flat stone) $79
2. 3D stone: (whole body, 2-4 inches stone with a cushion or basket) $129
3. 2in1 3D stone: (4+ inches stone, two pets combined together with a cushion or basket.) $299

How to pay?
Transfer payment to my bank account directly (I’ll send you my bank details).

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