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  Pet rock commission

Dog: Rivkah (girl)
Date: 07/Feb/2012
Owner: Kel
Feedback: I want to thank you for the most wonderful and special gift I have ever received, the gift of a smiling Rivkah. It is the most special of all my possessions. Thank you.


Dog: Lizzie
Date: 25/Dec/2012
Owner: Beth
Feedback: Fantastic job, Thank you Hans.

  Henry and Regi

Dog: Henry, Cat: Regi
Date: 17/Apr/2013
Owner: Renee
Feedback: I was hoping you may be able to paint onto a rock for my aunty's two dogs. Perhaps one of the larger rocks as I was wanting to have both dogs on the rock as per the picture...
I think they look great, great job!

  Wolfie and Nermione  

Dog: Wolfie, Cat: Nermione
Date: 22/Sep/2013
Owner: Kate Hampson
Feedback: OMG! Hans, They are AWESOME!! You are so talented.

  Roxy and Marley  

Dog: Roxy, Cat: Marley
Date: 17/Oct/2013
Owner: Janelle
Feedback: Thank you very much. They look fantastic, I am very pleased with them both. You have done a wonderful job.


Dog: Bella ( Girl, King Charles Cavalier)
Date: 09/Dec/2013
Owner: Wayne
Feedback: her name was Bella. She was a 8 years old King Charles Cavalier. She died on route at Los Angeles. Needless to say it ended very poorly for the family...
Hans you are a legend, This is awesome! I dare say after my wife sees your work. I will have to get another one for Bella's replacement.


Guinea pig: Perdita
Date: 13/Dec/2013
Owner: Tracey
Feedback: Oh Hans, she is gorgeous!!! her patterning looks perfect. Galactus was so touched, there were tears all round. He feels like he has Perdita with him again in a small way. She is just perfect. Thank you so much.

  Loki and Ruby

Dog: Loki ( boy )& Ruby (girl)
Date: 14/Jan/2014
Owner: Alana
Feedback: Oh they are great! I just wanted to tell you that I gave my friend her gift today and she loved them & said it's the best gift she's ever received which really makes me happy. Thank you so much:)


Dog: Buddy
Date: 26/Feb/2014
Owner: Tina Hannah
Feedback: Thank you so much for putting so much thought and love into our little "Buddy" stone. It's a cherished memory of our much loved and missed companion.

  Percy and Alby  

Dog: Percy, Cat: Alby
Date: 27/March/2014
Owner: Laurel
Feedback: Hans, it's beautiful, both are beautiful. Thank you so much!


Dog: Tibby
Date: 03/Apr/2014
Owner: Lynn Liniger
Feedback: Thank you for your email and the great photos. You have done a wonderful job and it looks so much like our lovely dog Tibby.

  Cleo and Leo  

Cat: Cleo( Girl ), Leo( boy )
Date: 28/Mar/2014
Owner: Lana Houlihan
Feedback: I need it for my fiance's birthday so that will work out perfect. Could you do the two pets combined please?...
Thanks you so much I love it! He absolutely loves it! Thank you so much, we would love it if you put some photos on Facebook.

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