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  Portrait commission

Dog: Meimei
Date: 08/Aug/2014
Owner: Libby
Feedback: Wow, thank you very much.
I love it. It looks very like my dog. Especially the expression in her eyes.
Very appreciate. I can't wait to get it.

  Riley and Jess

Dog: Riley and Jess
Date: 28/Jun/2015
Owner: Rose
Feedback: thank you for the turly awesome stone pandant that arrived safely within the timeframe you advised.

  Emily and Oliver

Dog: Emily and Oliver
Date: 14/Oct/2015
Owner: Libby
Feedback: The pandants are sooo beautiful, my friends will be over moon, I'm sure


Dog: Fleur
Date: 14/Nov/2015
Owner: Julia Stubbs
Feedback: thanks so much, Hans!


Dog: Millie
Date: 21/Aug/2015
Owner: Tessa Collitt
Feedback: Thank you very much for the necklace, it looks perfect!... I'm so pleased with it, really appreciate the time you've put into it! Really looking forward to receving it!


Dog: Merlin
Date: 07/May/2016
Owner: Merlin
Feedback: beautiful!


Dog: Hugo
Date: 10/Dec/2016
Owner: Jamie Healey
Feedback: Thanks, I'm sure you will do a great job.


Guinea pig: Cinnamon
Date: 30/Jan/2016
Owner: Rose Port
Feedback: Thanks Hans, once again you have captured the subject perfectly. Emma will be thrilled with her pandent showing.


Cat: River
Date: 07/Jan/2016
Owner: Carleigh Drew
Feedback: Kris says" wow, what do you even say when something's so amazing? I almost can't believe how very her it it. It's ferfect!


Dog: Ziggy
Date: 23/Oct/2017
Owner: Andrea Garside
Feedback: Its gorgeous. We think she will love it.


Dog: Keeto
Date: 12/Aug/2017
Owner: Christine
Feedback: Oh wow! It's absolutely perfect! My mom is going to love it. Thank you so much, so worth the wait :) Beautiful work!


Dog: hugo
Date: 01/Nov/2017
Owner: Sharlene Townes
Feedback: I just wanted to let you know my stone arrived safe and well today. They are even more delightful in person. The colours are richer and the detail even clearer. I will feel very proud to pass these on as gifts this Christmas. You are a very talented man indeed. Thank you kindly. I’m sure they will be treasured.

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